Software helps you in your life, your thoughts, and expressing yourself.
We aim to create products that improve people’s lives.

Connecting Dots

This is an iPhone/iPad application that allows you to freely gather your writings and thoughts however you like using notes and pictures It is a simple, helpful tool for creative thinking that you can use in your everyday life.

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Our team

We believe that it is very important to consider the entire journey, starting when people first interact with a piece of software, all the way until it becomes a part of their lives, a part of themselves. Taking advantage of our experience releasing numerous software products for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, we cover a wide range of formats, from desktop to mobile.

Yusuke Hida


Kenzo Yamaguchi


Kei Sasaki


Our partners


Offers Moneytree, a personal financial management service that analyzes transactions and account balances that is the first of its kind in Japan. Responsible for iPhone/iPad application design consulting.


Offers the next-generation file sharing service Core Drive to a wide audience from individuals to large companies. Responsible for design consulting for all services.

We mainly work on developing our own products and design consulting at our headquarters in Tokyo.